Monday, May 21, 2007


A student asks:
I'm off to buy a new set of headphones. Any suggestions on make or model?

Sony MDR-V600 (better and cheaper) or Sony MDR-7506. They are so much the industry standard that people using other headphones are sometimes looked at as unprofessional (although there are a few other models that are pretty good too). They can be used for any purpose from production mixing through dialogue editing and provide excellent insulation from exerior noise.

PLEASE do not use ear buds or other cheap headphones designed for use with MP3 players. They are deliberately cheap and do not insulate well.


Marcelo Teson said...

While I use the 7605's for dialogue editing, I've had a great experience with Sennheiser's HD280 Pro model. I was assigned a set when I did production sound on a distance learning show for a year to make ends meet and I have yet to meet a pair of headphones so good at isolating outside noise. It was like a vacuum in there, which made it a LOT easier to tell whether I was getting the production quality I wanted. I haven't cut dialogue on them, my 7605's are sacred, but I imagine they'd be fine.

Bondelev said...

Yeah, the Sennheisers would be next on the list; a lot of pros have switched in the past few years to them. I see that the price is not too bad on them either.

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about noise-canceling headphones?

Bondelev said...

I use NC headphones on airplanes. I would never use them professionally because the low-frequency response is terrible. I know there's a temptation to do so in some of our editing rooms where the computers are loud, but you're better off using headphones that isolate rather than use phasing to reduce the noise.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about the Beyer line of headphones?

Bondelev said...

I wouldn't call myself an expert on headphones; you should ask over at the CAS forum for more info.

They Beyers were the industry standard for decades before the sony. I'm sure the newer models are good too!