Wednesday, May 02, 2007


It would be hard to pick a night I care less about than Bon Bon Jovi night. Strangely, though, I thought everyone gave better performances than I had expected.

It's also tough to make predictions when they are combining votes from two weeks, and last week's show was significantly more heavily voted on than this week, since it was a special event week.

Phil was better than ever, dammit. I want to see him go, but I don't think he will.

Jordin's first bad week was in a genre she was not meant for, but she was good enough last week to come back. Her humility will work in her favor.

Lakeesha was better than I expected, especially on the big parts, but I think she's probably toast anyway. Last week I predicted she would go home, and tonight I still agree.

I didn't like Blake's performance but give him props for taking a chance, and singing the hook well enough will allow him to come back next week.

Chris was significantly better than I expected. I don't know if he's in trouble.

Melinda proves week after week that she's the best on the show and will win.

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