Wednesday, May 02, 2007

AMERICAN IDOL 6 Results (Down to 4)

My predictions were wrong, I'm glad to say. Phil has finally gone home, along with Chris. You probably know I can't stand Phil. I don't like Chris's music, but I can see why he has pop market potential.

This week's results, by the way, show just how little effect Vote for the Worst really has. In the one and only week that they picked Phil, he gets voted off.

So we are down to the final four. At one point I predicted 4 of the final 6 would be black women. 3 of the final 4 are. And they deserve to be there.

Blake has grown on me quite a bit. I think he has huge potential, not only as a performer, but, like Eminem, as a producer. He deserves to be the last man standing, but not the winner. Melinda should, and probably will, win.

I think Lakeesha will probably go home next, probably followed by Jordin (or maybe Blake).

I look forward to the final show.

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