Thursday, August 16, 2007

American Masters: Atlantic Records: The House that Ahmet Built

This is an absolutely fantastic documentary on PBS about record producer Ahmet Ertegun,
the producer for Atlantic Records, who was played (not very accurately) by Curtis Armstrong in the movie RAY. He was an amazingly important person in the history of American music, and e died shortly after this doc was made. It's great that his work is immortalized in this film.

Highly recommended for fans of music history.


Anonymous said...

Damn! This is the 3rd doc you've mentioned in your blog that I wish I caught *before* I saw it in your blog. Sure, I know you aren't a TV guide, but would you consider posting shows you are Tivoing -- your taste in music docs is great and it's a bummer to find out about these shows after the fact.

Bondelev said...

I have season passes to something like 37 shows on Tivo, and a good chunk of what we end up watching are suggestions which Tivo records on its on. (We probably watch about a third of what Tivo records.) I'm certainly not going to recommend a show I haven't seen yet.

And this show wasn't Tivoed.

Bondelev said...

BTW, it's available on Netfilx. Click on the post name for the link.