Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Angels Beat Red Sox Again

A lack of wind at Angel Stadium caused Tim Wakefield's knuckleball to lack significant movement, and the Angels batter were all over it. Wake gave up 6 earned runs in 4 innings. 5 of those runs were in the 5th inning, with Wakefield leaving with no outs. The Red Sox had gone into the inning with a 2-run lead thanks to a homer by Doug Mirabelli, whose sole reason for existence on the Red Sox is to catch Wake's knuckleball.

Angels sophomore pitcher Joe Saunders pitched 5.1 innings and gave up only 4 runs, which was good enough for a win. Reliever Chris Bootcheck went 2.2 innings with no runs, and Darren Oliver finished the 9th.

The Red Sox did not look good, and if they continue to lose, they will give hope to Yankees fans everywhere.

Once again, the stadium was packed with vocal Red Sox fans who were disappointed.

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