Sunday, August 19, 2007


It's no wonder Jason Bourne can't remember his life. THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM might be an entertaining action film, but ultimately it's as forgettable as the first two films. The action sequences are excellent, particularly the car chase, although one chase sequence goes on so long I actually started daydreaming about something else. The acting carries a lot of the film. Damon is better than usual and Julia Stiles is good, but the real masters are Albert Finney, Joan Allen, and David Straithairn. Director Paul Snodgrass, who directed one of last year's best films, UNITED 93, does an excellent job of inducing a verité feel into the franchise. However, as I've often pointed out, I really don't like the contemporary action style of all close-ups and rapid editing. It's a cheap trick to create visceral excitement, when instead the geographical explanation of an occasional wide shot or well-developed moving master would ultimately make an audience much more interested in what's going on, as it would be easier to follow. In fact, the biggest problem with the film is that the plot is labyrinthine, and that it actually expects you to remember what happened in the previous movies.

If Jason Bourne can't, I certainly can't.

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