Thursday, August 23, 2007


SUPERBAD is super good. An extremely funny yet heartwarming story of three teen boys who desperately want to meet girls at a party, I'd definitely recommend this film to adults as well as teens. In fact, adults are more likely to get the jokes. A nice selection of 70s music helps drive the film. If there is a weakness, it's the amount of time spent on the two cop characters in the middle of the movie. Otherwise the casting is great and the cast seems very natural.

Highly recommended.


Anonymous said...

Unforutnately I have to disagree with you Prof. I did laugh frequently, and I did see where they were going with the male best friend thing, but there was also an undercurrent of chauvinism that I don't remember from my nerdish adolescence. I think the current "men finding their emotional voice" is NOT suffficient reason to create females as subservent foils as their developmental foils. In Superbad, both male leads find their power turning points through female excretions (mentrual blood, and vomit). Men can find their power without women losing theirs.

P.S. You still know more about sound and PT than any Prof, Engineer, or student at USC will ever forget.


Bondelev said...

I can't disagree with much that you said, the girls were definitely undeveloped characters and mostly objects, but of course, the story was told from the POV of horny teen boys who see them that way. It doesn't mean the movie wasn't funny.

I saw it at an industry screening of adults, mixed men and women, and there was a lot of laughing from everyone. So I don't think it appeals only to teen boys. In fact I think I laughed so much because I remember most of the HS boys I knew being exactly that way.