Tuesday, January 24, 2012


THE INTERRUPTERS is an excellent but difficult-to-watch documentary about violence on the streets of Chicago, and, more importantly, a group of individuals who have chosen to intervene on behalf of non-violence.

Like any good documentary, I learned a lot from this film. First off I had no idea just how bad Chicago's violence has become. It's stunning. But even more interestingly, it's amazing to me that these Interrupters literally walk into armed fights in the streets and try to stop them, and with an amazing degree of success. There are a number of interesting characters in the film, but it does have one flaw. It runs too long. A good half hour could have been cut out and included as bonus material. I think they felt the need to follow too many characters too closely. At some point the violence and emotion stop getting the desired reaction because it's just to much for an audience to swallow in one sitting.

But I still highly recommend the film.

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