Friday, January 06, 2012



It's nice to see a new Indiana Jones film, made by the best director of action sequences, Steven Spielberg, and without a crappy script by Steven Spielberg. It almost cleanses the pallet from that crappy fourth film with the aliens, or whatever they were. 

Of course this isn't an Indy film, in fact, in many ways, it's the grand-daddy of all action films, a comic book brought to life. To be honest, when I saw the trailer, I thought I would hate the 3D-style animation instead of the comic style, but I was immediately impressed just with the title sequence. The story is rock-solid, and the adaptation is great. The cast is very good and the animation is outstanding. John Williams' score is good too. 

It's a shame that this film didn't do well in the US. I guess not enough Americans know Tintin, or are not interested in an older story with a mostly European cast. I definitely recommend the film to everyone. Perhaps my only criticism is that some of the violence is actually too toned-down, that it is aimed towards kids. It would have been better as a PG-13 film. 

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