Sunday, November 05, 2006

242 Notes on Grades

Quiz scores last week were abysmal; by far the worst yet. I have structured this course so that it is top-loaded with the creative material, and therefore the technical material tends to be clumped more towards the end of the semester. For that reason, some people may think this class gets harder as it goes along. You will definitely have to read the book more carefully with the remaining chapters, and you will need to review your notes before coming in to class for the quizzes.

(However, there are still two guest lectures coming up, and I will try to fit in my lecture on film music in one of the remaining weeks as well.)

The good news is that almost half of the class did the first extra credit assignment. The second extra credit assignment will be distributed this week and will be due in two weeks. Also, grades will be scaled by dropping the lowest quiz score. So most of you are still OK.

However, there do seem to be a few people who are "daring" me to fail them. There are still three people who have not turned in Assignment 2. Remember, your grade drops with time: the later it is turned in, the lower your grade.

Amazingly, 2 of the 4 people who are currently failing the class chose not to do the ridiculously easy extra credit assignment (while several people at the top of the class did do it, even though it is unlikely to help their already high grades).

If your average in this class is under a C-, you MUST repeat the class next semester or drop out of the cinema program. You may not take 310 until you have a "C" or better in this class, which may ultimately delay your graduation as well. (Also note that if you skip a semester before 310, it makes it very, very difficult to find a partner.)

Also you must maintain an average of B- in required cinema production classes. If you are getting more than one "C" this semester, you may also be held back from taking 310.

I've taught this class three times before and never had so many people so close to failing. Please don't be the first person to fail this class when I'm teaching it.

Check my office door to see what your average is. Occasionally grades get entered incorrectly into the database. It is YOUR responsibility to check the grades that are posted. If you find a problem or have a question, see the SA Jonathan to double-check.

See you Tuesday. As always, the quiz is cumulative but focuses primarily on last week's material.
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