Saturday, November 18, 2006

NCAA Football Wrapup

#1 Ohio State beat Michigan by a scant 3 points. This means Michigan may still be ranked #2. Both teams have now finished their regular seasons. We'll have to wait for the BCS rankings to come out to see!

#4 USC easily beat #17 Cal, 23-9, but it may not be enough to move them up past #3 in the rankings. The good news is that they will at least go to the Rose Bowl.

#3 Florida hammered W. Carolina 62-0, but will still probably move down as a big win over an unranked team is essentially meaningless in the BCS. (Florida plays Florida State, another unranked team, next weekend.)

#6 Notre Dame, who beat unranked Army today, play at USC next week. A big win for USC could move them up to #2.

#7 Rutgers finally lost. Still, a great season that was totally unexpected. Always nice to see the underdogs do well.
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