Friday, November 24, 2006

Sports Weekend Preview

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a lot of great football games over the weekend.

In college, #18 BC was upset by unranked Miami, Florida. #11 Texas was upset by unranked A&M.

#5 Arkansas had any long-shot hopes of a championship ruined with an upset by #9 LSU.

Tomorrow, USC plays Notre Dame. If USC wins they will probably go to the BCS game in Phoenix on January 8th. USC is favored by 8; I think it will be closer and pick USC by 6.

Sunday, Buffalo plays the Jaguars, who are favored by 3. Should be another close game for the Bills. The game of the day to watch is Chicago at New England, with the Pats favored by 3 over the 9-1 Bills. The Pats lost two in a row but won last week, and the home field advantage will help them over da Bears.
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