Friday, December 01, 2006

Al Gore's Head

I saw INCONVENIENT TRUTH again tonight. My wife had not seen it yet, and Al Gore was speaking afterwards. My previous comments on the film still stand after seeing it a second time.

However, one thing did change. Seeing Al speak in person, he is completely different from the person we saw campaigning in 2000. He's extremely intelligent, and very warm, funny, self-deprecating, and witty. In fact, someone asked about it afterwards, and he said the two things I had been thinking.

First, he has changed. Change is necessary, and unavoidable, and a sign of intelligence. We learn from our mistakes. Unlike certain other presidents who can't admit they made mistakes, Al can.

Secondly, the media stinks. The representation of Al in the media was thoroughly inaccurate. I'm always amazed at coverage of events I've attended, even something as simple as a baseball game. They never get it right. They show a few fleeting seconds and purport that reflects the events. It doesn't. Even a 290 student could cut thirty seconds of film to look like the exact opposite of its intention.

I don't think Al will ever be in elected politics again, but he's doing the country a tremendous service by continuing to show this film and his presentation. If the new Democratic congress chooses to accept the Kyoto accord, it will have been worth it.
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