Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend Sports

The Patriots were stunned by the Dolphins, who shut them out (for the first time since 1972!), 21-0.

The Bills stunned the Jets, 31-13.

One of the few perks of teaching is that former students occasionally remember you and do something nice. One of my former students took me to the Lakers-Spurs game tonight, which turned out to be a fantastic game, with the Lakers winning 106-99. The Spurs are considered the best team in basketball, and going into the game it was unsure if Kobe would play due to a twisted ankle. Play, he did, scoring 34 points against the best defense in the league. The Spurs played well and had the lead through most of the game, using a great passing game to confuse the Lakers, and the Spurs manage to get twelve 3-point shots. Officials seemed to have it in for the Lakers, but they somehow made up for it.

It's interesting to note how quiet the Laker fans are. Fans are MUCH noiser at a Clipper game. Even the Dodgers get more from the crowd. Very strange.
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