Friday, December 01, 2006

Football Weekend

There's a good chance I will be at the USC-UCLA game tomorrow. This is only my second game of the season. I was at the season opener at the Coliseum, and, it's my first visit to the Rose Bowl.

USC is favored by a scant 13 points. Considering that last year they won by 40+, and this year UCLA is probably a worse team, I expect a runaway.

The only other close-to-interesting game tomorrow is #4 Florida & #8 Arkansas. If, gods forbid, USC loses, and Florida wins, they could be in contention for the title.

On Sunday, Buffalo continues their difficult schedule, this time with San Diego. Odds are on SD by only 6. I expect a tough game for Buffalo.

New England is predicted 13 over Detroit, which sounds about right, but I'd still bet on the Pats.
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