Monday, January 08, 2007


The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has some interesting new items. There's a lot of new video technologies. Plasma screens have reached 70 inches and LCD hit 108. HDTV screens are supporting 1080p. HD-DVD and BluRay are now available on the same disc, and the same player.

Tivo has introduced TivoToGo for the Mac, allowing users to copy shows from their Tivo onto their home computers, where they can burn DVDs or copy them to video iPods. Unfortunately you must buy Toast 8 to do it.

HD radio price points continue to drop, with JVC's car audio version hitting $149 retail.

Booth Babes (AKA Booth Bimbos or Booth Boobies) are in high demand this year. For a while it looked like CES was trying to be politically correct with less showgirls, but this year there were more than ever, particularly in the North Hall where mobile audio was located. Thank goodness they've found a day job for all the strippers.
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