Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Addition to Our Family!

Riley, full name "Life of Riley," (as in, "What a revoltin' development!") is the new love of our lives. He's a five-pound, two-year old papillon. We've had him for a week. He came from a very reputable breeder who used him as a show dog in his first year and decided to turn him over. I apologize for the focus on the photo, but shooting an untrained dog is a lot harder than I thought. When he's looking up and you can see his face, he's a lot cuter. He still needs a little house-training, but he's doing a great job so far!

He loves people and is very affectionate. His favorite time of the day is sitting on the couch with us watching TV. He actually watches. I've never seen a dog that actually watches TV. If we watch Animal Planet (which we do a lot), he reacts to all the animals on the show, but he also reacts to movies. He really did not like Paul Giamatti in THE ILLUSIONIST. I guess that's a compliment on his performance, as he was supposed to be a threatening bad guy for most of the movie.

It's also nice to have someone excited when you get home!
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