Tuesday, January 02, 2007


HAPPY FEET is a pretty good movie that is flawed, and very strange. The film has big problems with structure and pacing. The first act is by far the slowest of the film, and much of the film is very unoriginal. There was hardly a moment that I wasn't reminded of several other films. The second act finally takes off when the penguins begin a long road trip, but the third act becomes much too serious. Nowhere in the film was there the level of humor you'd find in a Pixar film. Although I certainly agree with the environment issues raised (over-farming of the oceans), no animated film should end with real footage of people banging their fists at the U.N. Even the schoolchildren that the film is aimed towards will think they are being talked down to.

And speaking of animation... it was amazing. Probably the most complex animation I've seen. I'd recommend this film even with the flaws.
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