Friday, February 02, 2007


AMPAS needs to fix their Foreign Language category again. WATER is the Indian Hindi film nominated for the Oscar... from CANADA. (RANG DI BASANTI was India's submission. It was also a better film.)

This film should not have been nominated for several reasons. First off, it's bad. The first 20 minutes introduce us to a child bride whose husband has died, and she, at age 7, must become a social outcast, as is the tradition for widows. This story is moderately interesting, albeit horribly paced, but it's completely derailed when she meets another widow who breaks tradition by growing her hair long and looking really hot, plus she works as a prostitute (with a heart of gold).

A wealthy Brahman falls in love at first site with the hooker and the whole movie descends into melodrama with three major characters dying before the third act even begins. The movie tries so hard to be Hollywood, there's actually a scene at the end with a woman running after a man on a train leaving the station (complete with music swell).

Skip it.
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