Tuesday, March 20, 2007


A strange mix tonight of talented people doing poorly, and less-talented people doing better than expected.

Haley sang much better than expected. I think she'll last another week. (Especially in that outfit!) Chris Richardson was surprisingly good. Much better than he ever has been.

Stephanie lacked confidence and did not seem happy to be singing. She's in danger. By talent alone, she should be in the final 6, but this song didn't show it. Blake is standing up very well. He may make it to the final 6 and may even be the best male singer.

Lakisha was weak in her Shirley Bassey impression, even though she's one of the two best singers on the show. I don't think she's in danger though. Philferatu was better than usual but still weak enough that he may be in danger.

Jordan was very good. Sanjaya was awful, but the crowd reaction showed why he will be around for a while. Gina Glocksen was better than expected but could also be in trouble eventually.

Chris Sligh looked like he was having fun but didn't really bring much to the song. Melinda totally rocks. She's in another league.

The real star of the night was the little girl who cried the whole time (link requires registration). I'd love to know what's going on inside her head. And will they have her on next week? Will she try out some day, and be the next American Idol?
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