Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Sanjaya gave not only his best performance yet, but one of the best performances of the night, and proved why he's been there all along. I am now beginning to think he could make it to the top four. His biggest weakness is that he does not project his voice in the soft passages, and they may be his undoing.

Melinda was the best, as usual. I thought her makeover looked a lot better this week, although as one friend pointed out, she still needs a neck transplant.

Lakisha is starting to wear out. She over-sings EVERY song, and couldn't handle the Latin rhythm (although a lot of them had that problem).

Blake did really well with Mark Antony song.

The judges were surprisingly easy on Chris, who was pretty weak, but not in trouble.

Jordin was surprisingly weak after a run of weeks where she kept getting better. She picked a tempo too slow for her song.

Simon hit the nail on the head. Haley will be around as long as she keeps showing more skin each weak.

Phil was outright terrible. The judges were much too easy on him, but I still expect him to go home this week.
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