Sunday, April 15, 2007

LA Times Film Business Article

The Times today had a group of articles that are among the best I've read about the current state of the film business, using SAHARA as its case study. There are a lot great facts in here, many of them buried in different parts of different articles, so be sure to read them all. Even on the Internet, the main article is 19 pages long.

Some facts that stick out:
  1. The producers were given a refund check for $20M at the end of shooting as tax benefits for shooting outside the US
  2. Many local workers earned less in a week than US crew would have earned in a day
  3. The director brags that they bought all of a local's possessions as set dressing "for about a dollar."
  4. The writing alone cost $14M with ten different writers doing drafts
  5. Numerous bribes totaling over $200k were written into the budget
  6. Perks for actors range from overpriced to ludicrous
  7. Numerous scenes were in the movie only for the money derived from product placement
Although it's long, it's definitely worth the read.
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