Sunday, April 22, 2007

Russell Martin Walk-Off Grand Slam Defeats Padres

Brad Penny started off erratically, allowing three runs (two earned) and four walks in the first three innings of the game, and taking over 60 pitches to do it, but pulled it together well enough to make it six full innings.

The Dodgers did not look well at the plate, with the cold heavy air pushing all the fly balls back into the outfield, and the Pirates did not give up the lead after the third inning until the bottom of the ninth, when a passed ball allowed Wilson Valdez to make it home to tie the game.

Pirates starting pitcher Ian Snell looked good for seven innings, but their bullpen looked very weak, and when Russell Martin came up in the bottom of the tenth, it only took him three pitches to knock it out of the park. It was a very exciting game, and the crowd of almost 49,000 was loud until the end.
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