Wednesday, July 09, 2008


The Hollywood Bowl is a wonderful place. The LA Phil has risen to be one of the great orchestras of America, and the bowl may be the best outdoor venue in America for Classical music.

Tonight, the show started a little off with a piece by conductor Bramwell Tovey, which was on the weak side. Tovey seemed like a better conductor than composer. Following it was Don Juan, one of the most challenging works for orchestra, which was good but not together, and for that I can only blame the conductor.

However, after the break, it was like hearing a new orchestra on the Carmina Burana. Not only was the orchestra magnificent, the three soloists were amazing. Considering that the baritone was a last-minute replacement, he showed fantastic range and emotion. It was a great night at the bowl, even though there was a sprinkling of rain at the beginning of the evening.
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