Sunday, February 15, 2009

BOLT-ing from the Theater

BOLT is an animated film about a TV hero dog who thinks his TV life is real.

It's an extremely frustrating film for an animal lover to watch because the animal is essentially psychologically tortured through much of the movie. By no means is this a good movie by any definition. It's formulaic and weakly paced. The humor is not for adults, it's for very young kids, except that the whole concept of the movie is too complicated for a small kid who doesn't understand the process of making movies. There are numerous huge leaps in logic in the screenplay, and obvious places where the writers ran out of ideas and became desperate ("I know, we'll introduce a new character! Then we'll have a song montage!")

Both the look and sound of the film are pretty pedestrian. Animation is weak compared to the other major releases of the year.

I can't recommend this to anyone.
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