Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sound Awards

The Cinema Audio Society (CAS) gave its feature sound mixing award to SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, prescient to the Oscars. As Vice President of the organization, I was on hand to present the Technical Achievement Award in post production to Cedar for the DNS noise reduction system. Co-presenting with me was production mixer Agamemnon Andrianos.

I was quick to update my Facebook status on stage after the winner was announced.

Last night the MPSE gave its awards to several films, including DARK KNIGHT for Sound Effects in a feature, also prescient to the Oscars.

I'm a big fan of Wall•E as well, which won last night in the animation category, but at the Oscars was beat by DARK KNIGHT.

The Oscar show itself was a bit of a mess this year, but overall I think they got things right with the awards.
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