Tuesday, December 21, 2010


In a year with a movie like BLACK SWAN, why are people even talking about movies like SOCIAL NETWORK or 127 HOURS? This film is a million times more intelligent than any of the other film I've seen so far this year. Of course, it's much more of an art film than a traditional narrative, which inherently is going to be much more interesting than a talkie drama.

The film is very stylish and the acting is fantastic (except for Winona Ryder, who seems to have wandered onto the wrong set). I expect there will be quite a few nominations for the film. It's a little tough to write much more about the film without ruining it, so I'll just say that if you have liked Aronofsky's other films, you will probably like this as well.

The film also has outstanding sound design. And you can't go wrong ripping off Tchaikovsky as the score for your film. Nice work.
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