Thursday, December 16, 2010


Dear Pixar -

You owe me a box of Kleenex.

TOY STORY 3 might not be quite the home run as its two predecessors, or several other Pixar films, but it is a worthy ending to the trilogy. Most of the old friends return, and a few new ones are added, most notably Barbie and a metrosexual Ken. The animation is amazing; almost too good at times. I felt like I was watching live action with a few animated characters.

The story, like the first sequel, revisits the themes from the first film, but for the most part puts new spins on things. The first act starts off quite promisingly. However, the film has its weaknesses, particularly in the early second act, when the plot becomes too predictable and take too long to reunite Woody with the rest of the gang.

But the last act of the film really gels with all the characters.

Perhaps even more amazing is the short DAY & NIGHT which preceded it. A real throwback to an earlier style, I would love to see more of this type of creative storytelling animation from Pixar in the future.
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