Monday, December 27, 2010


Finally, a well-reviewed drama that actually lives up to the hype: THE FIGHTER.

They got the script right and really focused on the characters and their relationships. The acting was excellent all around, most notably Marc Wahlberg, Amy Adams, and, it pains me to say it, Christian Bale. I am not at all a fan of boxing, but this film is more about the characters than the fights, and at times it reminded me in a good way of RAGING BULL. Even Mickey O'Keefe, who plays himself in the film, is quite good.

It's interesting to see films that are shot in Boston (in this case Lowell) with people trying to do the accents. It's hit or miss. Even in THE TOWN, Ben Affleck forgot to do his own natural Boston accent on a few lines in the film. For the most part the major players get it right in this movie, although some of the sisters sound (and look) like they just moved there from New Jersey.
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