Sunday, April 10, 2011


How did I miss this film? It's a documentary from 2009 about the cult following that the terrible film TROLL 2 has amassed in the two decades since it premiered. This is definitely one of the most interesting documentaries I have ever seen, and it's about the movie biz!

Like most good documentaries, this one is filled with characters and takes many bizarre twists and turns. The film is made by one of the child actors in the film now that he has grown up and become a filmmaker. It centers mostly on a dentist from Alabama who had starred in the original film and now finds himself in the bizarre predicament of having made one movie: the worst movie in history, according to its ranking on the IMDB at the time the documentary was made.

The two filmmakers were Italian and apparently still think the film is quite good even though they attend fan events which rip the film to shreds.

This film is so interesting that I watched all the DVD extras immediately afterward. Many of the deleted scenes contain nuggets of gold as priceless as what is in the movie.

Perhaps the most distressing thing is that it reminded me of many of the films I have worked on.

I highly recommend this move for fans of film and film students.
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