Monday, April 18, 2011


Obviously I am catching up on missed films seeing HOT FUZZ years after it came out. From the gang that brought is SHAUN OF THE DEAD. This film is certainly flawed, the second act is about an hour long, and basically one long lull before the storm of the final act, which completely redeems the film by kicking major ass. The film works best when it is a parody of American cop buddy/action films. Unfortunately they fill out the second act with a parody of slasher films, which has been done a zillion times, and much better, not even counting the SCREAM movies.

The one thing that stands out about both this and SHAUN is that these guys can really write a screenplay. Even if you took the jokes out (and there are not nearly enough until the final act), this film would be a completely coherent story. Also the guys can act too, although that was more obvious in SHAUN. But the real reason to watch this film is the last 30 minutes, which is friggin' brilliant.

Great stuff.
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