Saturday, August 12, 2006

I'm a fan of the sport of baseball.

Being from suburban Boston, I'm a Red Sox fan first. Johnny Pesky was a good friend of my father, who was a high school football coach and athletic director. Tony Conigliaro was another family friend.

Following the Red Sox in SoCal, I went to a lot of Angels games. When Mike Scoscia took over the team, I became a fan, particularly when they made their run and won the World Series.

Two years ago we decided to get season tickets to the Dodgers, as they are very convenient, and have one of the most beautiful parks in baseball. So now we're fans of three teams. With the Red Sox finally breaking the curse, I'm OK for another 86 years. I'd love to see them make post-season, but I don't see a championship in the near future.

Today was a good day for the Dodgers, beating SF 6-5. They have a very good team this year, especially with the last-minute trades. I think Maddux was a huge addition for the team emotionally. Betemit fills the hole at 3rd with Mueller out, and Lugo is a good bench player.

Tomorrow we'll be going to the game and see Maddux vs. Jason Schmidt. Should be a good game.

Monday it will be Dontrelle Willis. I haven't seen him pitch in person, so I may try to go to that game as well vs. Derek Lowe.

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