Sunday, August 20, 2006


I guess awards season has officially begun, as there are now screenings of a few films. WTC seems to be the first to be having screenings. Saw it last night. Although there were some emotional moments, I found the film fell very flat in the last act.

Probably the biggest problem for me was the performances. Star casting really killed the film. I've never been a fan of Nick Cage, and he's extremely flat in this film. (Although the script can be blamed for that as well.) His wife, Donna Bello, was also terrible.

The Marine character seemed like he walked out of a commercial and accidentally interrupted the movie.

Maggie Gyllenhal was the best of the name actors, but I think her character would have been better served by an unknown. Michael Pena was excellent.

There have been a lot of excellent documentaries about the incidents. I haven't seen FLIGHT 93 yet, but I find it hard to conceive that anything out there will be more powerful than the reality.

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