Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The boys showed why the winner will be a woman. In fact, I think 3 of the top 4 will be women this year.

"Batboy" got better reviews than he deserved, he should go home soon.

The Twindian was terrible but will be around thanks to all the Indian telephone product support people voting while we're on hold.

Sunshine saved himself by singing an easy song. He has no range.

The kid from Taunton was also overly well-reviewed by the judges. He has no range and should head home soon, but not this week.

Jared is weak. I think he's in danger.

Sligh and the Family Hair was good this week and redeemed his dis of Simon.

Brandon is in trouble. "Time After Time" is actually a good song melodically, but he showed no emotional range and will be forgettable to the voters.

AJ is also forgettable and could be in trouble.

Beat Box Boy is pretty good. He sang an extremely difficult song very well. He may be one of the last boys to remain.

I hate Chris Richardson's music, but he has the most potential as a pop star among the boys.

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