Wednesday, February 14, 2007


After stretching the bad auditions out for what felt like an eternity, they sped through the next round at a lightning pace. I'd have like to have seen more of these auditions. We didn't even get to see the female Twindian sing again before she got cut. Nor did we see her brother, who moved on.

I'm really glad Charo got cut. Getting to Hollywood went to her head. Ditto for the Jersey Girl.

Robyn Troupe (misspelled Robin Troup on A.I.!), the winner of the Grammy contest, got cut in the first round and deserved to be, she was really nervous. I don't understand how she sang so well at the Grammys and so poorly for Simon and Paula!

The boy band was... incredible. I've never seen another group sound this good on the show.

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Anonymous said...

And here I thought you were going to make a comment on the "Abdul doesn't get drunk" headline in Reuters today. How dare you stick to the singing rather than the back stage shenanigans. ;-)