Monday, February 05, 2007


With the Superbowl over, now begins the longest, slowest, darkest time of the year for football/baseball fans, as we wait for March 1st and the start of Spring Training games. Sure there are potential trades and roster moves before then, and player show up for training in about 10 days, but until the first game starts, it's a slow time for fans.

I was never a hockey fan (I couldn't skate) and last year's strike dropped them off the sports radar. Finals aren't until late April anyway.

Pro Basketball playoffs aren't until the same time frame. I've never really been able to force myself to root for the Lakers, having grown up in Boston. The Clippers are good underdogs but are having major problems this year after making it to the finals last year.

College Hoops are looking fun this year, with USC being unexpectedly good. They are tied for 2nd in the Pac-10, which has been a very tough division this year. USC had broken into the top 25 last week, but lost to Stanford and dropped off. Then they upset #9 Oregon this week, so they may bump back up as high as #20 when the rankings are listed tomorrow. So here's one sport I can follow for the next few weeks. However, the playoff system is "March Madness" for a reason, so the real excitement is a few weeks off.

February instead is a month of movie screenings and awards shows. Right now it looks like we'll be going to the Grammys next week, the Cinema Audio Awards the following week (where I'll be presenting!), the Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Awards on the night before the Oscars (where I'm a nominee!) and finally the Oscars, when we'll probably be going to a party.

That's a lot to do!

As for the game today, I had been rooting for Chicago, and predicted them to win by 7. At least the opening kickoff was exciting. I don't think either team played that well; the rain couldn't have helped, but Payton Manning finally got the ring he deserves. Next year, I'll be rooting for the Patriots again.

The ads this year were surprisingly weak. The best ads were actually in the pre-game show with a series of ads for Geico featuring their Caveman character.

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