Monday, February 12, 2007


STAR TREK aired one of my favorite episodes last night, THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE. It's really good. I had never noticed how many VisFX shots were in the episode until they were all redone. I believe this is the only episode where they chose to redo all the view screen shots as well.

Even with the updated FX, it's really clear that the episode works for other reasons. The writing, editing and music are all top-notch, and more importantly, William Windom's performance as Commodore Decker is the backbone of the show. A less talented actor would have taken the character into insanity. He comes off as surprisingly sympathetic for a man who is clearly losing his mind.

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Anonymous said...

The last sequence was one best of any Star Trek original series: "Gentlemen, I suggest you beam me aboard" The sound editors put in a ticking clock sound where there is clearly none in the actual scene.

The characterizations are about as sharp as the writers ever got: Spock almost exasperated trying to motivate Scotty, Scotty swearing under his breath when the transporter fails *again* -- even McCoy, slamming down his hand saying he'll certify Deckers insanity.

I always liked how Decker sucked on the tapes while sitting in Kirk's chair. Almost Capt Queeg. The most impressive line from him was: "Don't you think *I* know that? There was a planet, but not anymore!"

This for me really was one of the best episodes -- better than the standard responses of CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER and THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES (though those two are great, but not quite as great as this one for my money).

The sound editors even worked in the "humor music" several times -- this episode had it all, and was probably one of the most suspenseful.