Sunday, February 26, 2012


IDES OF MARCH was a complete letdown after watching MARGIN CALL (click for review)  the night before. MARGIN did not win the Spirit for original screenplay as I had hoped (that went to 50/50, which I have not viewed yet), but it did win the Robert Altman award for ensemble cast.  IDES is nominated for the Oscar for adapted screenplay, and I have liked Clooney's directorial work before, and it had a great cast, so I had high hopes for it.

Strangely, the writing is the weakest thing in the movie, most notably the character played by Evan Rachel Wood (who does not help things by giving a very flat performance). I'm not going to discuss the plot much more because what little there is all depends on one soap-opera twist. MARGIN was a smart script that relied on the audience to really care about the economics and the politics of the situation. IDES go straight for the low-brow in its storyline. A good cast is wasted here.

Quite the letdown.

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Hey David! I'm a post-audio guy out of Halifax, NS, And I have a question for you about a track that was used on the Hendrix 2000 tv-doc. Saw that you were nominated for a golden reel for that one. Nice!

There's a tune that was used/licensed that has the lyrics "I would if i could, but I can't" about a third of the way in (when chas walks in on Jimi w/ the ladies after meeting mike jeffrey.... Can't seem to find it. Was hoping you could help me out. big fan of the film and your work in it.

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