Sunday, February 12, 2012


THE WAY is a nice film starring Martin Sheen, directed by his son Emilio Estevez. Estevez also has a small part in the film but is almost unrecognizable. The film is not without problems, it is long, slow, and predictable, but the journey is worth it nonetheless because of Sheen's performance as a man whose son died trying to make a long pilgrimage. It's a shame that this film did not see a better release, and that Sheen is so overlooked as an actor. Which brings me to another brief review of another Sheen film.

STELLA DAYS is a very small Irish film that has not found release yet in the US. Sheen plays a very different character in this one, an Irish priest who is upset that he was passed over for a transfer to the Vatican from his rural Irish village. So he decides to turn part of his church into a movie theater. It's so small it feels like an old-fashioned TV movie, but again Sheen's acting makes it worth a viewing.

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