Monday, February 13, 2012


PINA is a fantastic documentary about choreographer Pina Bausch. I'm note exactly a huge fan of dance (although I think I've seen three ballets int he last year), but this kept my interest throughout. Director Wim Wenders struck a nice balance with only a little real documentary footage and tons of spectacular dance. I would kill to see her production of Le Sacre du Primtempts in person.

Pina clearly understood that great dance has elements of many other arts. Her musical choices cover the gamut but are all terrific. The dance is very modern, more like studied movement than traditional dance. The dancers are all actors creating strong drama, and the sound design is very strong and clearly integrated into the performance. (The sound design in the movie was exceptional as well!)

We saw the movie in 3D and as far as I could tell all it did was make an already dark stage even darker. The background is black already so there is little depth to begin with; this movie in particular seems like the silliest use of 3D I've seen yet.

Other than that I highly recommend the film. But see it in 2D and save the extra five dollars.

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