Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dodgers Beat Smoltz

It looked tough at first, with Lowe needing 108 pitches to go 5 innings, and Smoltz needing only 87 to go 6, and both giving up only 1 run in that time... but the Dodgers managed a 5-run 7th inning, which broke the game open.

Martin went 4 for 5 with 2 RBI. Kemp got a 2-run homer and 3 RBI. Furcal and Gonzalez each got 2 hits. Beimel and Saenez combined for 3 innings with no hits or runs. The only bullpen weakness was Tomko, who gave up 3 hits and a run in the 9th and was repeatedly booed after each hit.

This was an important win against a good team and an excellent pitcher. The only bad sign was that Lowe got another no decision, even after giving up only one run. He's a great pitcher, and he deserves more wins that the Dodgers have given him.
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