Sunday, July 01, 2007

Summer Upon Us

Most think think that summer begins in May when most college years end, or maybe early June when most high school years end, or maybe even June 21st when we get to the summer solstice, but for me, summer vacation does not begin until around July 4th (because I teach an early summer class at USC that starts right after graduation and ends usually just before Independence Day). So I've finally reached a time when I get to relax a bit.

Generally my summer activities include more Dodger games, visiting the Hollywood Bowl, attending wine tastings, catching up on Emmy viewing an occasional movie screening, and maybe a little travel if I have time. This year I'm also working on a television series... more about that later. So stay tuned, I'm bound to have more to say this summer. I know it's been slow for a while, I intend to catch up soon.

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