Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saito Blows Save, Tomko Blows Game

It was a very strange game.

Billingsley was so good in his last start, but in this game gave up a run in the 1st and 2 more in the 3d. The Dodgers managed to get 5 in the 5th (an amazing accomplishment for a team that has rarely scored recently). The Dodgers also left the bases loaded twice. The highlight of the evening was Martin's 2-run homer. He really played like an all-star tonight.

Houlton gave up a run in the 7th, then Saito gave up a run in the 9th. It's rare when Saito blows it, so it's hard to blame him for a single run after 23 saves this season. Beimel returned from the hospital to pitch to one batter. Saenez and Broxton both did well.

But in the 10th, the crowd of over 52,000 booed loudly when Tomko was brought on. He gave up 2 walks and a hit, and the losing run for the game.

The bullpen has been so overused, combined with the injuries, that no one knows who will start Sundays game. It's likely to be Hendrickson on only 3 days rest, and with an exhausted bullpen, that's a bad combination.
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