Saturday, January 29, 2011


LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS is about as strange a movie as I have ever seen. It's an animated movie with talking owls, and the first ten minutes seem like it is for VERY young children, yet the plot (about two young owls who get kidnapped and forced into slave labor for an evil empire) is much too dark, and gets much darker as it goes along. It is not at all appropriate for kids.

There are a lot of plot elements common in other films, including the Star Wars films, that give the movie a little too much familiarity at times. I have to say I did like the film, but with a lot of reservations. The British/Australian accents and sense of humor don't really help much, it moves the film away from Americans emotionally. I know the film is based on a novel, so I'm guessing they had to be true to the story, and there were a lot of elements that seemed confusing and glossed over in the film.

The animation, however, was outstanding. Really amazing. It was a Warner Brothers animated film, and they have really come a long way. The lighting/shading and color in particular were excellent. Apparently much lower budget than many other animated films as well. I think it's worth a view for fans of animation.
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