Monday, January 31, 2011


Please, stop the superhero movies already!

Really, does anyone over the age of 12 want to see another comic book movie? Well, anyone over 12 who has ever seen a woman naked in real life? Stick a fork in it, they are done. And this movie pisses on their graves.

IRON MAN 2 probably could have been a good movie at some point, but it's hard to tell from this mess. It seems like an awful lot of screen time is dedicated to setting up some sequel that I don't give a crap about. Probably 30 minutes could have been cut out of this movie - mostly in the second act - and it would have been much better, although it probably still would not have been watchable by anyone whose testicles have descended.

A great cast seems to be phoning it in for the paycheck. It's hard to believe there will be an IRON MAN 3, but if there is, I will likely skip it unless I have to see it.

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