Thursday, January 13, 2011

MPSE Tron Show

The MPSE had an excellent sound show tonight with the sound editors from the movie TRON. These events are always a good way to learn about what sound designers do. This was such a complicated movie from conception to finish, it's not surprising that the sound design was so good. Hearing the supervisors themselves explain how they did things is invaluable. Steve Boeddeker explained that one of the major sound design elements for the bikes was the sound of a deck of cards shuffling.

Perhaps one of the most shocking things was hearing the original production tracks, which had annoying high-pitched whines all over them form the lights on the suits that they were wearing. Amazingly, the dialog editors were able to remove it before delivering it to the stage.

Mixer Gary Rizzo explained how they used the 7.1 channels of sound to make the groups sound bigger and the announcer sound like a stadium sound. It was also nice to hear the hidden Wilhelm in the movie.

I hope they get the opportunity to do more of these shows. There were a lot of students in the audience; it's great to see all the young faces there.
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