Saturday, December 29, 2007


FOUR SHEETS TO THE WIND certainly has its heart in the right place; unfortunately, it doesn't amount to much. It's a coming-of-age story of a young American Indian leaving the reservation after his father's suicide.

The movie is all over the place. The first third of the film is like a different movie; a black comedy about the family dealing with the father's suicide. Then suddenly the focus shifts and it's about one of the kids.

Virtually everything about the film reeks of student-filmdom. The camera is rarely in the right place, the script lacks structure, coherence and focus, and the acting is uniformly terrible. It's always amazing to me that so many minorities complain about the lack of good roles, then when someone makes a movie with nothing but minority cast members, they can't find one good actor. Can it really be that difficult?

Somehow Tamara Podemski managed to get a Spirit nomination out of the film. I have no idea why or how. She isn't as bad as everyone else, but she certainly does not have a memorable moment in the entire film. It's sad to me that a movie this weak can get a nomination; it almost seems as though the nominating committee is bending over backwards to support minorities rather than rewarding good work.

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