Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pirates 3

I gave a quick review to Pirates 2 last year, stating that I had liked the light-hearted approach in the first film, but hated the fact that the sequel took itself way too seriously, diminishing the role of Jack Sparrow and bloating its running time well beyond welcome.

Reviews for the third film were better, so I had higher hopes, but when I saw that the running time was nearly 3 hours, I passed on seeing it in the theater. Watching it on DVD, I literally fell asleep about 30 minutes in. There are some humorous moments, particularly when it gets surreal, but the film is so bogged down in its own plot that it's almost impossible to follow. Do they really think I remember the first two films? I flushed the plot of the second film from my memory cache before the end credits were over; I'm certainly not going to remember it a year later. There are too many characters, and peripheral characters I didn't like the first time around now get full-blown and undeserved subplots.

Yet it looks like there will be a fourth film.

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