Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Quiet City

I believe it was Aristotle who said thousands of years ago that drama as an art must be more interesting than real life to keep an audience involved.

Unfortunately the makers of QUIET CITY have not studied drama at all, and think that pointing a camera at just about anything or anyone and letting reality play out in real time constitutes a movie. Every few years there are new film students who think they have come up with a brilliant, original idea when they do this, but of course all they manage to do is alienate any potential audience.

The director seems to think that casting a pretty girl is enough eye candy to keep an audience watching. The lead actress is certainly attractive, but she tries much too hard to be "cutesy" throughout the movie to be as realistic as the movie clearly wants to be. The lead actor on the other hand is completely natural, but also as interesting as watching paint dry. It's not his fault, there does not appear to have been a script (contrary to the three credits at the end of the film!). It appears as though the actors were told to improvise, and none of these actors is smart or mature enough to come up with anything worth listening to.

If you want the same experience as seeing this film without having to sit through it, do to a diner and sit and listen to the people around you talk for 90 minutes. You'll get the same experience, but it will almost certainly be a lot more interesting.

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