Saturday, December 01, 2007

USC beats UCLA

I didn't make it to the game today.

It wasn't the runaway that everyone expected (although USC's turnovers might be the only reason for that), but USC beat UCLA to advance to the Rose Bowl.

#2 West Virginia lost today. #1 Missouri is losing. It's unlikely USC would move up much in the standings, but they were #8 going into the weekend.

I did make it to the USC-Oklahoma hoops game Thursday night. It was the first time I saw a game at the new Galen center. It's a nice place to see a game, although nowhere near as nice as it should be. During the course of construction, costs exploded and they were forced to cut back their plans. It's too bad, it turned it into a standard court instead of the top-notch facility it could have been. But certainly it's a lot nicer than the Sports Arena.

USC looked good but rough around the edges. What's amazing is that they are doing so well with such a young team (they've won 6 in a row and only lost their opener). I think Floyd is a good coach and will clean up the team quite a bit as they come into tougher teams, starting with Kansas tomorrow, and Memphis next week at Madison Square Garden.

As for the Coliseum debacle, I can only assume this is a desperate measure to get them to take renovations seriously. It's almost unthinkable that USC would go to the Rose Bowl as their regular home stadium. Especially since their recent record there is less than stellar!!!

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